Linkedin Vs Facebook For B2B Campaigning

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4 min readSep 23, 2022

With social media engagement surfacing over the web in the past few years, brands and businesses have realized the credibility social media carries for interacting with the audience directly. So why LinkedIn vs. Facebook for business? Why LinkedIn is better than Facebook for B2B campaigning?

The truth is that “LinkedIn and Facebook” have always been at the top of the list for B2B marketing and reaching out to buyers directly. Choosing the best route to take is crucial to making your efforts worthwhile. No one can agree on whether Facebook vs. LinkedIn is the better platform for advertising.

Comparing and contrasting marketing strategies on Facebook and LinkedIn is a current debate. Videos, tales, flyers, and photos of your family, friends, and travels are all content sources for your Facebook wall. And it’s common knowledge that LinkedIn is the best place to get a job and advance your career. However, the fact is that both channels provide several flawless promotional possibilities. Using these social media tools, you may efficiently and effectively communicate with your intended audience. Choosing LinkedIn vs. Facebook for business purely depends on what kind of audience you are targeting in context with the content you are using to target it.

Among social media, LinkedIn and Facebook have the largest user bases.

Both are beneficial in getting the message through to your targeted audience in a period. You may capture the most interested business customers with business-to-business marketing on these two social media sites by setting a well-optimized campaign.

As its name implies, LinkedIn is primarily a professional network, although it was initially developed with a motive to attract companies and employees to find a platform to connect. Recently, LinkedIn has added several functionalities which you will find on more established social networking sites, such as status updates, blog post publishing, and direct messaging.

Facebook Vs. LinkedIn For Business: Which One To Choose?

Being “LinkedIn and Facebook” two super giants with a massive audience to interact with, running a marketing campaign on either platform will help you achieve your desired goal. The user experience is key to targeting a campaign; both the platforms are pleasant and intuitive with the audience, and it’s easier, efficient, and practical to seek the ideal audience on LinkedIn or Facebook, no matter what kind of business you are trying to promote.

Linkedin Vs. Facebook For B2B: Which One To Choose?

Running a campaign on super giants like “LinkedIn and Facebook” involve:

  • Immense study about the platform.
  • Research about the brand you want to promote.
  • The audience you want to target.

Marketers should consider the points mentioned below while debating LinkedIn vs. Facebook for B2B. Which is better?

While doing B2B Marketing on Facebook, marketers have to make sure their motive is:

  • Publicity
  • Retargeting
  • Thought supervision
  • Specifically aiming for mom-and-pop shops

While on the other hand, if you are doing B2B Marketing on LinkedIn, marketers’ goals should be:

  • To create Ad formats that stand out and aim for lead-generating forms.
  • The audience is Expertise in thinking
  • Advocacy from Employees
  • Promote the “Sniping” brand.

Linkedin Vs. Facebook For B2B Marketing Group

Do you plan to form a Facebook group to facilitate quick contact with a more significant number of customers? OR Will you be creating a LinkedIn group for convenient communication? Which, however, is the most effective strategy for business-to-business marketing? The answer to all these questions mentioned above is purely subjective and depends on the kind of your business.

It’s a good idea to network with individuals who share your interests or who you can do business with. The best uses for Facebook are for people to talk about themselves, get feedback, and write reviews. Therefore, Facebook Groups are the way to go if your business focuses on lifestyle, cuisine, politics, travel & tourism, or a narrow market segment.

Everyone benefits from a similar professional perspective when participating in a LinkedIn Group. LinkedIn groups are the way to go if you’re trying to offer high-priced career services, professional services, or a professional course.

Advantages Of Doing B2B Marketing On Facebook

  • Greater User presence
  • Versatile and multipurpose Ads
  • Better chances of conversion

Advantages Of Doing B2B Marketing On LinkedIn

  • Superior communication
  • Prospecting with a laser focus
  • Similar in mindset
  • Equal emphasis on business and marketing
  • Possibilities for widespread use of social media in marketing
  • Increase in the number of people involved in making decisions
  • Successful collaborations in the business world
  • Recruiting-focused strategy
  • Low-cost or free advertisements

Who Wins This LinkedIn Vs. Facebook For B2B?

While both platforms have perks, this decision is purely subjective towards the marketers, the brand, and the audience they want to pitch to. Though LinkedIn and Facebook share few similar features, both platforms serve quite distinct purposes and have very different audiences.

You may run a focused lead generation campaign on LinkedIn while focusing on brand recognition and consumer engagement on Facebook. Adapts Media is one of the leading marketing firms in Dubai, providing digital assistance to various global clients. Our Ad operation team is expertise in running and optimizing Ads on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. We help brands to achieve their desired goals through various media.

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