How To Make Engaging Content | A Complete Guide

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How To Make Engaging Content A Complete Guide

When drafting a piece of content, getting your article ranked at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is tedious. Several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals and content writers struggle to get their content to rank on the first page. Writing a blog is an excellent way to achieve Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EAT), connect with readers, and interact with them on a broader spectrum.

When drafting new content for a brand, who will define whether this content will work or not? Whether this content will rank on SEPR or not? And if not, what exactly went wrong?

Was the content added to the blog inappropriate? Or was the flow of content not supported by relevant images? Or the article’s readability wasn’t so good that a general audience could read it.

While I wish I could put a stop to the never-ending discussion on how to get a higher ranking for your post best, that wasn’t my goal in producing this piece. But this article will provide you with a snippet from leading content marketers’ research on optimising your content for better visibility and engagement.

Continue reading this article to understand some of the best practices you can implement in your content to attract a better audience.

3 Best Practices To Implement While Writing A Blog

Best Practices To Implement While Writing A Blog

This particular section of this blog will talk about the top 3 ways you can optimise your blogs:

  • Have a strategy for your blog
  • Thorough research on the topic
  • Include relevant and engaging images

Strategies Your Blog Content

Before diving into writing the blog, a blog outline is a must. After researching various topics/points that will be included in the blog, giving them a proper order is required to generate and maintain the reader’s flow.

Some basic questions you have to ask while strategising a blog:

  • Who is, are the target audience?
  • Is it Millenials or Genzs?
  • Will your blog target beginners or experts?

You must answer all sorts of questions before starting with the research.

Thorough Research On The Topic

Perhaps the best way to rank your blog is to do a detailed study on the topic you are working on. Before actually going into the writing face having the thorough knowledge you will have about the products, the better you will be able to justify it in the blog. Going through leading articles will help you find the best insights on the topic.

This also includes frequently asked questions on this topic, with notable confusion customers have. And ways to troubleshoot them.

Note: Providing credibility to your article with all the valuable information will help you get a boost from google. Find what topics are getting significant organic search traffic over the rest to sort out what content needs to be included in the content.

Include Relevant And Engaging Images

You already know a picture worth a thousand words. Keeping this in mind and ensuring you keep your readers interested and engaging, aiming for visual creatives for every scroll is a must. Your creatives can be among any of the following:

  • Infographics,
  • Photos,
  • Illustrations,
  • Videos,
  • Pull quotes
  • Testimonials.

Adding Alt text to your images and explaining the idea helps the audience to maintain the flow.


(The Image shows how hovering over a button can change its colour with little codding)

Note: Let’s face it; most readers are not interested in what you are writing. Long-text pages work as a sleeping pill for most users and are considered a big no. Considering that appearance matters, presenting your words with visual and easy-to-read text is more likely to generate an audience.

3 Tips On How To Create An Effective Infographic

How To Create An Effective Infographic

A well-designed infographic may simplify the presentation of otherwise difficult data. Great infographics will help you keep your audience engaged and interpret several components of content more elaborately. Infographics are a wonderful tool for conveying otherwise difficult concepts clearly and concisely. This section will give you a brief about things to include all the essential components your infographics should have to make them more audience appealing.

  • Avoid misleading information
  • Make it informative
  • Use the template that fits your information.

Avoid Common Errors

Creating great infographics involves avoiding the usual errors made by many. Using misleading information or distortions or overloading your infographic with unnecessary visual distractions can lead to a blunder. One must ensure they avoid these common errors to keep their audience engaged rather than confusing them.


(The image shows what are the things you should keep in mind while working on an infographic.)

Making It Useful

Infographics serve an educational purpose for the customers, so they are targeted to an educated audience. It is helpful to consider what they will take away from an infographic while reading them. Making them easy to read and understand by removing slang and lingo can help you design a better infographic.

Use The Template Per Your Information


(The Image shows how high-quality infographics look with proper presentation looks like.)

Making an infographic revolves around something other than presenting the information but also includes how that information is represented. As some information isn’t easy to convey, structuring them in a well-designed and informative manner is crucial to make it readable. Selecting a suitable template for your content will make your data convincing and coherent.

3 Tips To Follow While Working On A Landing Page

How To Create An Effective Landing Page

Landing pages are considered among one the best practices for lead generation. Being a landing page widely used for audience conversion, having a well-optimised landing page is a must to catch some eyeballs. Below are 3 simple tricks to be implemented while working on a landing page to make it more engaging.

  • Write Precisely
  • Ask what’s necessary.
  • Trust plays a vital role in the conversion.

Write Precisely

Working on long landing pages filled with content loses several convertible audiences. A cluttered page will repel the audience and distracts them from the critical purpose of visiting your website. Embrace white space while keeping the image and the text simple, creative, and, most importantly, to the point.


(The image shows a clear difference between cluttered and well-organised landing pages.)

Ask What’s Necessary

While working on a lead generation form attached to your landing page, one should add only the information that is really required for converting them into customers. Its general psychology, asking minimum questions can help you generate more quality leads. Long detail forms are too much work and can increase the bounce rate.

But on the other hand, a long-form detailed form will provide more qualified leads, as it will make an impression on the customers that you are providing premium services exclusively customised according to their needs.

Note: Both approaches are exemplary. One has to do A/B testing to find the sweet spot to generate maximum leads for conversion,

Trust Plays A Vital Role In The Conversion

Landing pages generally work on the PPC marketing model, making CPC the decider of the campaign to be shown at what ranking. People resist signing up or giving their information away to some websites. Understanding their situation due to data privacy risks and adding a few things to your landing page can help them build trust in you and calm their anxiety.

Things to add to your landing page to build audience trust are:

  • Adding your privacy policy links will help your audience understand how their information will be used.
  • If your enquiry form asks for sensitive information from the users, adding a security seal or certification will let them know their information is safe and secure.
  • Social proofing is a must. Adding testimonials from the customers or clients will build trust in you among the visitors.


(The Image shows Testimonials added from alumni to attract new students for admissions)
Note: With no physical location to compete with, these factors may set your website apart. Conversion-wise, trust is essential since there are so many websites out there, both good and bad.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, it’s essential to follow best practices when integrating different content formats, such as blog posts, infographics, and landing pages, into a marketing strategy. For blog posts, focus on creating high-quality, informative, and engaging content that targets a specific audience. Use appropriate keywords for SEO, and make sure to include calls to action. For infographics, use a clean and straightforward design and ensure the information is easy to understand and visually appealing. Include a clear call to action. For landing pages, ensure the design is clean and straightforward, and the messaging is clear and concise. Use persuasive language and include a clear call to action.

Note: Make sure that all of these formats are mobile-friendly. By following these best practices, companies can increase their chances of reaching and engaging with their target audience, ultimately leading to more conversions and sales. If you hire the best SEO agency in Dubai, your content won’t help boost your brand or your website to rank 1. The better content you have, the better presentation you have for your content will give you a significant edge over the competition.

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