Google Ads Performance Max New Features & Best Practice

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Google Ads Performance Max New Features & Best Practice

Google Ads Performance Max or Performance Max campaigns is a goal-based campaign type, allowing marketers to access and manage their entire Google Ads inventory from one single campaign dashboard. It helps you find more quality and Convertable leads by complimenting your complete keywords-based search campaigns across all Google channels, including Display, Discover, Search, Maps, and Gmail.

Google Ads Performance Max helps improve performance in real-time across all media channels through Smart Bidding. Performance Max enables you to drive performance depending on your set conversion objectives, resulting in better conversions and values. Google’s automation tools for bidding, audiences, budget optimization, creatives, attribution, and more are fetched together in Performance Max to provide marketers with an all-rounder campaign to serve their clients’ needs. Their advertising goal (such as a cost per acquisition or return on ad spend target) and the creative assets, audience signals, and optional data feed fuel all these.

What Are The New Features For Performance Max Campaigns?

With advancements and growing digital needs, Google has recently added numerous functional and capabilities to Performance Max campaigns and provided recommendations for driving sales throughout the holiday season.

To aid advertisers in effectively promoting holiday sales, Google is releasing new tools and features for Performance Max campaigns and sharing best practices.

Compatibility With Performance Planner

The Google Ads Performance Planner now allows advertisers to anticipate the outcomes of Performance Max campaigns. Earlier Performance Planner used to be that you could run Search, Shopping, Display, App, Video, and Local ads using Performance Planner. This feature of Performance Planner is now compatible with Google Ads Performance Max.

As per Google’s announcement:

“You can forecast how your campaign may perform in the future and simulate what could happen when you adjust elements like your campaign budget and ROAS or CPA targets. Assess how changes to campaigns could affect key metrics like conversion value. Performance Planner’s forecasts

are also adjusted for seasonal events so you can explore your potential holiday opportunities in the upcoming weeks.”

Asset Group Scheduling

This new features for Performance Max campaigns will allow marketers to run the campaign with automated rules. This means marketers can schedule campaigns by utilizing asset groups when needed.

With Asset Group Scheduling, the Google Ads Performance Max campaign can be set to run at a specific time of the day. These automated rules will help you prepare and schedule holiday-themed assets ahead of a special sale.

More Headlines

With Performance Max campaigns, Google has tripled from five to fifteen the number of sample headlines that can be uploaded to Performance Max asset groups for testing purposes.

If you provide Google with additional headline options in your Online Sales Campaigns, the search engine may try out more permutations and determine which ones work best to generate leads.

Explanations For Online Sales Campaigns

For Online Sales Campaigns for retailers using a product feed, Google is enhancing the Performance Max campaign documentation with additional insights and explanations. If you are using Performance Max Campaigns to advertise sales on your website, you may see analyses of your products’ performance and popularity. This information will help merchants determine which items had the most significant sales boost over the shopping season or their advertisement.

First-Party Audience Insights

First-Party Audience Insights is among the New Features for Performance Max campaigns. Advertisers can add various data segments to increase the number of potential buyers through their search.

On the Insights page, audience data segments will allow you to identify which of your customer lists is more successful and have a deeper understanding of the information you’re gathering.

Google Ads Performance Max Is Best For The Holiday Shopping Season.

Advertisers utilizing Google’s Performance Max throughout the shopping season may benefit from Google’s recommendations below:

  • Reducing return on advertising spend (ROAS) or cost per acquisition (CPA) goals in the run-up to the holidays will help you Improve exposure at shoppers’ most engaged moments.
  • If you’re planning on running a deal that would significantly affect conversion rates for more than a week, consider taking into account seasonality changes.
  • If you want to boost sales of a particular product, you should launch a targeted advertising campaign.

Bottom Line

New Features for Performance Max campaigns will resolve marketers’ limitations in tracking and lead generation. Adapts Media is a leading digital marketing agency providing paid marketing services in UAE. Reach out to us for digital marketing solutions. Book your free session with our Ad operation specialist:

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