10 PPC Trends To Keep You At The Top Of The Game In 2022

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6 min readJan 31, 2022

Pay per click, widely known as PPC, plays a significant role in generating traffic and converting visitors into paying customers. With more and more businesses spending on PPC to improve their sales figure, the competition has become significantly tougher. A strategic PPC campaign can be the best tool in your arsenal for the much-needed competitive edge.

But to reap the maximum benefits of PPC, you must be in sync with the latest changes and trends in PPCs. To ease off things, we have listed 10 PPC trends you need to know that will significantly impact advertising campaigns in 2022.

Top 10 PPC Trends That Will Dominate 2022

Judging by the current advertising landscape, here are the top 10 trends we think will dominate PPC advertising in 2022:

  1. Focus on Automation

According to experts, automation will be a big player in pay-per-click advertising in 2022, with some claiming that it will enter hyperdrive. We’ve already seen the use of automation in ad testing in the previous years. If speculations are believed, it will play a bigger role in helping a marketer identify which ads are performing low or high based on statistics and a more compelling call to action.

In fact, Google is also pushing automation in advertising for quite some time now. But the key thing to remember here is that depending solely on Google’s technology will not provide you with the extra boost required for winning the race. This is because the technology is still in its early phase and cannot match the insights collected manually by humans. So for the best results, a proper combination of both will be required.

2. Rise of Tik Tok

While some might be confused about it, any good marketer will agree that Tik Tok has become one of the most fertile grounds for businesses to engage with customers over the last few years. This trend is going to continue in 2022. The recent deal between Tik Tok and Shopify allows marketers to advertise on the platform 24×7 using full-screen ads. It’s a major sign of the importance of this platform in advertising in 2022 and beyond.

3. Artificial Intelligence is The Way

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of the digital age with constant developments over the years. It’s expected to be a key player in advertising too. According to experts, the economy may reach a whopping $15.7 trillion by 2030 due to A.I. A. I is expected to bring changes in the PPC advertising sector by:

  • Finding better-performing keywords in events such as your Cost Per Click going down, thereby optimizing ads.
  • Pick the bid that ensures the highest influx of traffic.
  • Enhance future PPC campaigns by predicting the Click-Through-Rate or CTR for future ads.

4. Data is The King

Data is one of the most prized assets for any company. But with time, the collection of data is becoming more difficult. With the demand for user privacy, tools like cookies, tags, pixels, etc. are going to become obsolete very soon. The early signs can be noticed in companies like Google and Apple becoming more strict on marketers’ methods to collect consumer data. Experts suggest that companies should start looking into ways to collect first-party data and incorporate it into the advertising network to adapt to the changing times. Tools like Google Analytics will be of significant help to marketers in doing so.

5. The Audience will Take the Centre Space

While marketers have always been more into pleasing the Google algorithms, things will change in 2022. Unlike earlier, ad campaigns now and in the future will have to cater to the audience more than the algorithm to succeed.

Even Google, through its algorithm updates, is trying to enhance the user experience and provide an extra push to websites that ensure high user comfort. Learning from this, marketers will also have to develop a newer approach on how to make the PPC ad campaigns more audience-centric than that of algorithms to get the audience attention as rewards.

6. Mobile-friendly Ad Campaigns

Netizens today want access to global platforms in the shortest possible time frame. This has led to the rise in the use of smartphones across all sectors of the economy. With time, more and more people are moving away from clunky desktops or laptops unless it is very much needed. Marketers need to understand this point clearly and focus on making PPC ad campaigns more mobile responsive. It will also open up new channels for them to show the ads to the customers to ensure more engagement.

7. Proper Targeting and Segmentation of Audience

While keywords have always played a crucial part in digital advertising, it is time to look beyond them. If experts are to believed, though keywords won’t go completely out of fashion, in 2022, marketers will need to put more focus on recognizing the characteristics of their targeted audience and then use keywords that can complement the process. 2022 will be the year of audience targeting and segmentation where keywords will still play a part but are smaller than earlier.

8. Moving Beyond Popular Social Media Platforms

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube form the crux of social media marketing for any marketer in the present digital landscape. However, plates are slowly but surely shifting, and it’s time to move on. As we mentioned earlier about the potential of Tik Tok, several other social platforms may turn out to be fertile grounds for bringing the traffic.

Platforms like Quora and Reddit have huge potential if used correctly. And that’s where the skill of a good marketer lies; she/ he should be able to dig for such gems sooner than the rest. Not only that, along with a social image, focusing on PR, PPC affiliates will also be critical factors for brands to look upon if they want the best results from the ad campaigns.

9. RSAs over ETAs

2022 is going to be the year we embrace the power of RSAs or Responsive Search Ads over ETAs or Expanded Text Ads. Though still in their initial stage, RSAs are being pushed more and more by Google in place of their earlier launched ETAs. If you’re not familiar with the terms, RSAs let Google decide which call to action or headlines it will show for your ad to the user, unlike ETAs where you decide what it would show. Google has already announced that from June 2022, RSAs will be the default ad format for the platform. So for marketers who till now tried to steer clear of this technology, it’s high time to gather a better idea about it and add it to the arsenal of advertising tools.

10. Invest More to Gain More.

While marketers are designed to find every possible way to cut down the advertising costs for their clients, it’s time to bring a change in the approach. In 2022, marketers should focus more on the effectiveness of an ad than its efficiency.

What this means is instead of looking for ads that cost less, they should rather put more effort into looking for ads that work better, even if the cost is a bit on the higher side. We understand that you’d be confused about why we’re asking you to shell out more on advertising. While the initial cost may be higher, a quality ad will bring in more revenue than low-performing ads, and thus, in the long run, the revenue generated will be much higher than the acquisition costs.

Parting Words

The world of advertising is always changing. In 2022, we’re expecting to see major changes in marketers’ approaches. We hope this article will help you get a better idea of how to get the best from your PPC campaigns. All you have to do is, be ready to adopt these changes and use the trends to your benefit.



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